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5 Surreal Female Photographers to Follow

The artworks painted by the surrealists in the 1920s-50s allowed illogical, dreamy scenes to come to life with photographic precision. While male artists such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte dominated this era, the female artist Frida Kahlo is well highlight in the list of surrealistic masters. As photography and various expressions of technology have changed in countless ways since, many female surreal female photographers have risen to the top in this category.

This post includes a selection of some of my favourite fellow emerging, talented, and surreal female photographers whom you must start following today.

1. Brooke Shaden

Shaden has gained an immense following online in recent years (over 190k on Instagram). Shaden’s popular promoting passion blog focuses on inspiring others how to live passionately and creatively. The sheer volume of works she is able to produce is very impressive. She has recently completed a 30-day challenge, creating an image, a video, and writing a blog post every day for 30 consecutive days. Shaden’s self portraits are often composed from simple objects and backgrounds around her, which transform into magical, ethereal, scenes after the manipulation process. Her dark style is a result of layered textures, toning, and coloring. Shaden’s background in film and creative thinking allows her to tell stories in a vastly engaging, relatable way.


brooke shaden


2. Lara Zankoul

Zarkoul’s photographic series The Unseen first captured my attention a couple of years ago while browsing for surreal photography inspiration. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the water elements in this project were created in a real aquarium, and not using Photoshop after the shoot. I highly appreciate the scenes Zarkoul builds to create her work. When she is not building her backgrounds, Zarkoul chooses unique locations, which enable her to keep a surreal aesthetic. Her body of work, White Stone, is composed of bodies and figures over white mysterious scenes.

lara zakoul surreal photography


3. Flora Borsi

Borsi’s art photography merges with Photoshop in a clever way that is superb both conceptually and aesthetically. The clean look and color use in her series Animeyed Self Portraits is highly affective. Shot in the studio, Borsi transforms the toning and coloring of each image giving it a simultaneously artistic as well as a commercial look. It’s impossible not to appreciate the visual simplicity and creative imagination behind each one of the images. Borsi’s work is an excellent example of where imagination and talent are united.

flora borsi surreal photography


4.Olga Zavershinskaya

Her Russian last name is worth learning how to pronounce. The use of the female body and geometric shapes in her work is sometimes reminiscent of the remains of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. In her project Skins, she creates surreal images that are metaphoric for “the different kind of shells we can where during our lifetime” Zavershinskaya says. Her manipulated images are beautiful, and clean, yet so disturbing and provocative at the same time.

olga zavershinskaya surreal photography


5. Evelyn Bencicova

I had to include Bencicova in the list of surreal female photographers when her work came to my attention recently and made me click “like” many times. Bencicova creates scenes that treat the human body as a sculptural choreographic device. The repetition of both the figures and elements in the backgrounds is what makes it surreal and interesting to me. I’m impressed with how Bencicova is able to transform seemingly mundane locations into mysterious cinematic scenes that are colored with soft tones and a de-saturated quality.

surreal female photographers evelyn bencicova


By Alice Zilberberg


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