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Surreal Art photographers To Start Following

After writing a post last month about some of the most amazing female surreal photographers, I felt that some excellent male photographers should not be excluded from the blog. Enjoy the other half of my selection: 5 more emerging, surreal art photographers worth following.


1. Martin Stranka

Lying somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, the works of photographer Martin Stranka have a unique emotive quality I find hard to describe. Stranka’s portfolio includes images of both day and night scenes, which have a uniform tonality, transforming the stories into something lying in between a dream and a reality. Even the scenes that look seemingly plausible are transformed into dreams using layers or coloring and texture. His book 10 years celebrates 10 years since starting his journey in photography.

martin stranka


2. Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thomson started working with photography at the age of 19. Suffering from anxiety his entire life, Thompson uses photography as a form of therapy. Thompson enjoys making self-portraits, as he likes “going out alone”, he recently told the Daily Beast. These portraits manipulate reality to give life to surreal scenes taking place in forests and abandoned houses. I especially love Thompson’s manipulations of himself blending into and emerging out of elements in nature.

surreal art photographers kyle thompson


3. Laurent Chehere

Chehere’s Flying Houses are captures of hundreds of elements like roofs, windows, gutters, and characters, that are assembled carefully together to form each piece in the series. Influenced by the poor and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of Paris where Chehere lives, “The author isolates these buildings of their urban context and releases them from the anonymity of the street to tell the life, the dreams and the hopes of these inhabitants.” (Artist statement). The house’s isolation from context points to the life, hopes, and dreams of their inhabitants. I really appreciate the detailed stitching and toning of these surreal composites. The unique concept and execution categorizes this project for me as one of the most successful in the surreal art photography category.

surreal photography chehere


4. Alex Stoddard

Stoddard’s dark surreal portraits captured my attention a couple of years ago and I continue to be impressed with the quality of his work. Stoddard started taking self-portraits in his house and the surrounding forest because he was too shy to ask anyone else to model. He works by going to a location with the idea in his head, and with room for changes, giving the subjects an organic feel in the final image. His surreal photographs always look like a stormy or cloudy day, achieving a uniform dramatic darkness in his portfolio. I especially like the element of lightening repeating in some of Stoddard’s artwork. They make me think of emotion, mortality, and human nature.


surreal art photography alex stoddard


5. Tommy Ingberg

Tommy Ingbert creates self-reflecting, surreal photography montages that are open to the viewer’s interpretation. Ingberg’s replay of hats and clouds throughout the works reminds me of Rene Magritte’s The Son of Man painting, over and over as I look at his photography. Inberg’s motifs of the multiple hands and man in suit could allude to the political state of the world, or a comment on different class systems. The black and white aesthetic has a classical, timeless affect to his photography.

surreal art photographers tommy ingberg


By Alice Zilberberg

surreal photography

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