Every project involves a laborious process.
Go behind the scenes and learn about how the digital paintings are created.

Behind the scenes of “Begin” (2017)

Behind the scenes of “From This Broken Hill…” (2017)

Behind the scenes of “Wondering White Flamingo” (2020)



Behind the scenes of “Release the Sun” (2018)


photomanipulation sketch

Getting inspired

Many different sources in my life help me to generate ideas. Philosophy, psychology, travel, and other art are all potential sources of inspiration. The complete artistic concept rarely comes in one piece. It is often the case that ideas from different areas are amalgamated into a theme.


Doing Research

Research is an integral part of the process. Engaging with information on the topic, as well as artwork that explores similar themes are crucial to the process. All the pieces of information are than married as a concise theme.


Making Preliminary Sketches

The next step in the creative process is sketching the idea. Creating a quick photo-manipulation using mock images is a good way to test the visuals being planned.



Finding a Location

The locations are always congruent with the theme of the work. The works commonly include a central subject, such as a model, and the backgrounds are commonly composed of a few different images.  Trip planning is a crucial part of the process. Many of the locations are shot outside of Canada.


When a model is involved, a day of location scouting is needed to find the exact spot that fits the photo-shoot. A day is designated to test-shooting, to find an exact spot, and to make sure the location is a good fit.



mountain photographer
shooting death valley

Finding the right Model

The specifications for the model are also outlined ahead of time. They are matched with the theme as well. For the Goddess Almighty series, a dancer with a body type not necessarily screaming ballerina was needed to support the vision. Models are searched for through sources like agencies or social media.


The photo-shoots

The method and timing are unique for every project. The background is typically shot first, followed by the model and all other elements. This helps to keep the lighting harmonious.


Digital painting

Image compositing, photo manipulation, and digital painting are used to achieve the style of the artworks. The digital process can take weeks, and in many cases, months. Every detail is carefully inspected.


Printing process


The works are printed with only the best materials available in the industry. All works are printed on museum-quality, acid free papers.


photomanipulation behind the scenes